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How our journey began...

When we heard the announcement about Lineage 2 coming back with the amazing classic memories to revisit, along with small twists to the game, we knew we wanted to be part of it. The gang and I decided to rejoin together as a Clan and to hopefully create new memories from years ago. Although our lives continue from the game, we always reminisced those unforgettable experiences. After months of waiting, we are eager to relive our incredible journey we once had as a team. If you feel worthy enough to help us create more remarkable stories, you can get a hold of us by registering or going onto the forums. Regardless if you’re with us or not, we will see you in game. You might even still be part of our stories, enemies describe dirt very well.

Our current team

As we get ready to start playing our team grows with every new member who joins. Our parties are getting bigger, nonetheless there is always room for more. To have an idea what classes are currently being played view our roster page. Note that any class is welcome in our team!